Meri Shehzadi

Following is the story of drama serial Meri Shehzadi that is aired on HUM TV.

Meri Shehzadi


IN This episode of Meri Shehzadi we can see that Dania thinks about Shehroz proposal. She talks about it to her friend, She thoughts that she only get married when she totally fall in with someone. Because she don’t like arrange marriage, she thinks that’s a punishment to leave with eachother. Her grandpa listen their meeting and says you have right to take decision about it, So think and then take any decision. He also advised her to talk with Shehroz and can share all her concerns with him openly. On the otherhand safiya is not agreed with this decision of Sanaullah. But Sanaullah thinks she has the right to to decide for herself. And Safiya thoughts they people have disloyalty and abandonment in their blood.

On the other hand Dania calls to Shehroz and clear all her concerns. Dania’s father Salahuddin comes to meet her. He says I have come to take you one more time and this time with new style. I have brought the dream of your bright future. So Dania Shehroz is the best option for you from every angle. His father also tell her that he wished you marry with Shehroz and live in that house in front of my eyes. So after this she take decision to get marry with Shehroz. On the next morning of her marriage She worried to knows about Shehroz first marriage and he also have a son from that, She is really depressed to know this. Shahana her mother in law also knows about it. Dania constantly crying on this Shehroz say to her mother to find a solution of it. Shahana say to Dania we got you here so that you can handle every thing Riazuddin is extremely unwell he cant tolerate any more drama. And also says that if she do anything and Riazuddin condition goes down then she didn’t forgive her. Also tells that her grand father and grand mother comes so meet them nicely and don’t create any scene. We tell you every thing honestly. We are political family so don’t make our joke in front of people. She advised her to forget every thing and comedown. You can see this episode of Meri Shehzadi on


YOU can also see the episode#2 of Meri Shehzadi on

Meri Shehzadi

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