Wabaal Epi 6

Following is the story of drama serial Wabaal that is aired on HUM TV At 8 P.M every Saturday.

Wabaal Epi 6


IN This drama serial Wabaal Epi 6 we can see Anam’s grandmother understand her the values of relation. Anam apology to her father for her misbehave. Shakir talk to his friend Zafar about his worries and to get Anam marry. Zafar gave him advise to get marry her with Faraz. Shakir like this proposal. Maham tells anam that Abba talks to marry her with Faraz. On the other hand Zafar uncle talks about it to Faraz and say he is agree with their decision then call her mother. Faraz also talks to Anam to know her will. She is agree if she can continue her study after marriage. Maham selects in interview for teaching. On the other hand Anam go out for some work where some women’s of her society make fun of her on which she aggressive.

Faraz mother come to Karachi who is simple and honest women. And then they goes to Shakir house to meet them. Both the families like to eachother. But Anam still behave like strangers. Faraz mother also asks her about basic works of home like stitching cooking but she don’t know any thing on which her mother Rahat tells that she is busy in study. But she can learn all these. Shagufta neighbour came to her house to take her gold set with someone who also have gun to fear her. On the other hand Faraz asks his mother what she thought about anam. Her mother tell him that she likes maham not anam. you can see this drama serial Wabaal Epi 6 on https://hum.tv/dramas/

Other Episode

You can also see other episode of Wabaal on https://hum.tv/dramas/

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