Wabaal Epi 7

Following is the story of drama serial Wabaal Epi 7 that is aired on HUM TV at 8 P.M.

Wabaal Epi 7


In this drama serial Wabaal Epi 7 we can see that Faraz mother tell him that she likes Maham instead of Anam but she don’t took any decision without Faraz will. On the other hand Rahat asks maham about her rough behavior in front Faraz mother, she also realized that may faraz mother don’t like her and may she took decision in favor of maham. But Anam still don’t care about it.

On the next day Faraz mother come with engagement ring for Anam and fix Anam and Faraz Nikah ceremony date that is going to held next week. Shakir and his family is very happy. Maham don’t like this simple engagement ceremony. She wants a classy marriage reception like her friends. She have some dreams about her marriage.

On the other hand Shagufta tells her son about neighbor’s reaction to take their gold set, on which she is really upset. Maham also tells her mother that she wants to take dowry with her, so that they arrange some dowry may be on installment or may in other way. Shakir talks about Maham marriage to his colleague and friend Mudassir and tell him about his expenses on which he gave him a solution of comity. Shakir and his family is very happy. But they are still worried that how they do all the marriage expenses. You can see this drama serial Wabaal Epi 7 on https://hum.tv/

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Wabaal Epi 7

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