Wabaal Epi 8

Following is the story of Drama serial Wabaal Epi 8 that is aired on HUM tv.

Wabaal Epi 8


In this Drama serial Wabaal Epi 8 we can see that Anam go to markete with her parents and like some furniture and other things for her dowry. On the other hand Shagufta’s neighbor tell her about Anam’s marriage. And also give her advise to marry her son with Maham. Maham apply for some loan and pay in advance in academy where she teaches. Hamad mahams colleague wants to help her but she don’t like it.

On the other hand Naveen is very aggressive to know about Anam marriage with Faraz. While at the dinner table Shakir and his family discus about Anam’s dowry her grand mother and sister is looking angry to know that Anam like dowry of 5 lakh that is also on installment. Finally the day of Faraz and Anam’s wedding ceremony is come and they both get married. Faraz forget to take a gift for Anam. While Anam value things like these and feel so guilty on this. you can see this Drama serial Wabaal episode 8 on https://hum.tv/dramas/

Other Episodes

You can also see the other episode of drama serial Wabaal on https://hum.tv/dramas/

Wabaal Epi 8

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