Wabaal Epi 9

Following is the story of Drama serial Wabaal Epi 9 that is aired on HUM tv.

Wabaal Epi 9


In this Drama serial Wabaal Epi 9 we can see that Anam and Faraz go to markete where Anam has made costly shopping. On the hand Shagufta still gives to needy people on interest rate. Naveen is injured by a shot a bullet and admitted in hospital. Where Shagufta have to pay so much money. Anam don’t like that Faraz is caring about his mother.

Anam also demand for a new big home. In the next morning Faraz asks Anam to make breakfast for him and his mother but Anam neglect and tell him that she don’t do these works at her home, She also asks him when his mother is going because she thoughts her privacy is disturb because of her mother in law. Faraz mother listen all this conversation and decide to go back her home in village.

Shagufta also asks doctor to discharge naveen from hospital. Anma show off in front of her friends that she is married in very well and settled family while its not true. Maham is worried about her job. Faraz wants to realize Anam about her rude behavior towards his mother. They both make quarrel on this. Rahat and her mother in law apologies in front of Faraz for all of this. You can see this drama serial Wabaal Epi 9 on https://hum.tv/latest-dramas/

Other Episodes

You can also see the other episodes of Wabaal on https://hum.tv/dramas/

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