WABAAL Episode#4

Below the story the of drama serial wabaal aired on hum tv.



In this episode of Wabaal Police take anum and shakir to the police station because her friend amber was not found and she only contacts with anum at the last time. Police have an inquiry on this. Anum tells the officer that she don’t know about it. Amber suggest her to say her mother that is with her. Ambers parents was worried and have complain to police. On the other hand shagufta comes to shaker s house to insult them .Shakir’s mother advised her to go back home and regret her offer to get anum back to home on bail. Amber at that time call to anum. Anum tells her that she is in police station because of her so come and clear all this issue. Amber comes police station and tells to her parents and officer that she wants to marry with dilawar. She clear all the issues. Anum comeback to home with his father. Rahat that was worried for her slapped her for defaming family’s name, because all of this. Anum feel shamed and request to her father to forgive her. But her father don’t want to talk her.Her mother say I will talk him you go and take rest. Shagufta was amazed to listen that anum comeback to home without their help. She keeps wrong behave to poor and needy people, earning their expenses.

Rahat advised maham to keep an eye on anum that she will not make issues like last night and inform her. Maham ensure her and go for exam. On the other hand faraz fights each person in neighborhood who talks about anums action last night. Faraz mother call him and asks to come in city. But he decline and say I will come in weekend you don’t worry. Shakir heard about faraz fight in neighborhood and asks the reason. When he comes to know reason. He decided to restricts maham and anum from continuing their studies to save them from all these trouble and issues. You can see this drama serial Wbaal on hum tv https://hum.tv/.

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